jacki reaches out

Proud American Military Veterans (PAMVET)


 PAMVET is a group of over 1000 veterans, who meet every week at the Loveland Golden Corral to find community, have conversations, offer support and to honor all who have served our great Country..

 Jacki attends virtually every week to support, to honor and to thank our veterans for their service..




Kids Pak, sponsored by Loveland Rotary Club is a "weekend hunger relief program for children in the Thompson School District."

Jacki participates in the weekly food packaging events, helping pack 400-600 bags. Last year alone, Kids Pak sent 20,000 bags of food to kids in the community.

Martin Luther King Jr. Committee


 "The MLK Committee is a group of volunteers who foster acceptance, equality, and diversity in the Loveland community, and support local efforts and individuals working on many issues related to civil rights."

Jacki supports the MLK Committee and their efforts to remember Martin Luther King Junior and to carry forward his message of equality. 

Colorado Artists


Jacki has long been a supporter and promoter of the Arts and Artists in Loveland.

Jacki opened Rabbask Designs in Downtown Loveland in 2013 to showcase her jewelry as well as the work of other Colorado Artists. Today, Rabbask Designs features the work of over 95 local Artists and hosts free open mic music nights twice a month.

Run For The Wall


 Run For The Wall is an annual, 2,600+ mile motorcycle ride that starts in Southern California and ends at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. There are over 1,600 veterans and supporters who participate in the annual cross-country journey.

It was founded to "recognize the sacrifices and contributions by all veterans who have served our nation." They "Ride for Those Who Can’t"

In 2018, Jacki rode from Pueblo, Colorado to Goodland, Kansas to support the effort. In 2019, Jacki rode with the veterans for a total of 2,889 miles, all the way to Washington.

Lakota Riders


The Lakota Tribe Ride of Reconciliation is an annual, 400 mile horseback trek which travels through Loveland on their way to the Pine Ridge Reservation. 

Jacki participated in the Wicoti (traditional dance ceremony) 2 years in a row and rode with the Lakota Riders for a portion of their Loveland journey this past July.

Jacki Shows up

Disability Board


Jacki serves as the alternate Council    liaison to the Board and supports the board's efforts to provide easier accessibility and mobility for Loveland residents and visitors with disabilities.

Platte River Power Authority


The Platte River Power Authority mission is to "provide reliable service, maintain financial sustainability and be good stewards of the environment."

Jacki has served on the Board since her election as Mayor in 2017 and supports the PRPA goal of being 100% carbon free by 2030.

Senior Advisory Board


Jacki has served on the board since 2017 and is committed to supporting our older residents in Loveland.

She also supports the Larimer County Office on Aging, and has attended several of the inter-generational conversations, hosted by CSU's Office of Public Deliberation and kickstarted by Delaney McNally.

Transportation Advisory Board


Jacki serves as the alternate Council   Liaison to the Board and supports and recognizes its impact on quality of life, by promoting roads, trails, paths, public transit, sidewalks and our Regional Airport which serve our Loveland residents and visitors.

Airport Commission


Jacki regularly attends the Airport Commission meetings and supports the Regional Airport's continued success with it's remote tower and looks forward to the return of scheduled commercial flights.

Fire & Rescue Authority


Jacki regularly attends the Loveland Fire & Rescue Authority meetings and is grateful to all those who serve in the Fire Department. She supports the continued development of more fire stations, to elevate safety and quality of life. for all Loveland residents.


Larimer County Behavioral Health Board

The ballot initiative passed in November 2018, and will provide funding and behavioral health resources to all of Larimer County.

The funding will support resources in three Larimer County school districts, including Thompson School District, along with a host of community organizations, including the Grand Family Coalition in Loveland.

Jacki fully supports the behavioral health resources and attends board meetings when her Mayoral schedule allows.

Jacki is a well-informed advocate

Earnest Listening


  Jacki is committed to being a 

well-informed advocate. 



 She is dedicated to researching, putting in the time, and asking important questions.

State and Local Outreach


  A vote for Jacki is a vote for the people of Loveland.