Jacki Values:



Advocacy is the highest responsibility for elected officials. We are called to represent every person in our community. 

As your Mayor, I will be your faithful advocate. Whether you’re a small or a large business owner, or a citizen on a fixed or otherwise limited income, or a new resident to Loveland, your needs matter. I will listen to you, and I will work for you, always.



Transparency is imperative for trustworthy and reliable governance.

As your Mayor I will always fight for your right to know, to learn about, and to guide the governance of our community.



Quality of Life is a vital ingredient for a healthy, happy and successful community.

As your Mayor I will celebrate and advocate for our city’s beautiful landscapes, our resources, our artistic, creative & innovative talent, and our friendly culture. 



Loveland is a unique and incredibly beautiful city. It is the heart of Northern Colorado, and the friendliest community around. Loveland is our home, it is where we all belong.

As the people’s Mayor, the people are my top priority. I will listen to your needs, your concerns, and your desires for the direction of our city. In every decision, I will ask, “What is best for the people of Loveland?"