Vision for loveland

Promoting Our Regional Airport


As your Mayor, I will continue to endorse and promote our Regional Airport, which just received a $165,000 grant to expand its infrastructure, develop a first of its kind control tower, and re-open to scheduled commercial travel.

What could this mean for you and me? We will only have to drive 15-30 minutes to catch a flight, we will save hours of time, we will benefit from shorter security and bag check lines, and we will receive millions of dollars in tourism revenue.

This revenue will benefit our local shops, restaurants, hotels, and business owners who in turn create jobs, stimulate our economy, and pour back into our community. We face many challenges which require significant funding. I believe additional efforts to promote our community as a tourist destination will go a long way towards providing the funds we need for infrastructure and amenities.

Building on Regional Tourism


 Did you know that 4.6 million people visited Rocky Mountain National Park last year? That’s a record for our region.

What does this mean for Loveland? As one of only a few routes to the park there are millions of dollars passing through Northern Colorado. and our reputation as a tourist destination is just beginning to grow.

As your Mayor, I am committed to showcasing the beauty, history, art community and the culture of our friendly city to the millions of people who pass through our City. I will continue to advocate for the businesses, breweries, shops, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and galleries that could benefit from an increased flow of tourism. When our businesses thrive, so do we all. 

Did you know that last year Rocky Mountain National Park had 2.6 million more visitors than the Grand Canyon? Communities within a sixty mile radius of the Grand Canyon receive over $600 million collectively from tourism..

Protecting Our Numerous Resources


Water is a valuable commodity and good air quality is a necessity, for our health, our quality of life, and our well-being

As Mayor, I will continue to advocate for the protection of water rights, natural areas, and overall stewardship of resources

Housing Choices That Match Lifestyle


As your Mayor, I will continue to support housing development that considers the financial mobility, physical capability, and lifestyle preferences of all our Loveland residents. 

One great example is the Village Cooperative, which prides itself on providing community-oriented, cost-competitive, and low-maintenance housing options for those 55 and older in Loveland.

Inspiring job diversity and creative industry


As your Mayor, I will support creative, forward-thinking, and diverse business endeavors that elevate our quality of life and show a positive return on investment.

I will continue to support the jobs of tomorrow, including small and large businesses, startups, and the visual and performing arts, which contribute to the economic prosperity, cultural identity, and friendly personality in our city.